Which countries have the best developers?

The creation of a great product whether it is an app, software or website takes a lot of effort and requires developers with excellent skills. Sure thing you need good and sometimes great developers to develop a truly great thing but sometimes their cost is too high or the quality is too low. In that way, you have to search for the best possible solution. The developer industry is massive, and there are plenty of developers from all over the world. In fact, as many as two million programmers live in the United States alone! So, who are the best developers you can hire? We've done our research and found out which countries have produced top-notch talent for decades.

United States

United States development company

The United States is the largest developer market in the world, and it’s home to more developers than any other country. The USA market gave a strong push to the development of the whole IT industry and it is clear that the most technically strong developers are located right there. As a rule, the developers from the USA provide the top quality work and now you can reach a lot of them through such resources like Toptal, Upwork, and so on. Sounds good, right? A big and technological country with specialists with a wide range of skills and experience that can create literary anything for you. But there is a thing. The cost of labor in the USA is rather high, so working with US developers becomes an expensive pleasure at some point in work and that is why a lot of clients, even from the US are looking for outsourced services in other countries where such services could be cheaper like Ukraine, Poland, India and so on.


Ukraine development company

If you want to find developers who are hungry for work, Ukraine is the place to go. Everybody’s heard of the Ukrainian hackers who hacked into large companies like LinkedIn and Yahoo. The reason why? Because they were paid less than a dollar per hour for their time and didn’t know any better.

Even if you’re not looking for someone willing to do your dirty work for next to nothing, finding talent in Ukraine is still easy — just look at graduates from its top universities. Moreover, there are a lot of schools and courses in Ukraine where people get programming professions and then work in tech companies. IT has become one of the largest and most rapidly growing sectors of Ukrainian Economics because most Ukrainian countries work as outsourced teams because it is cost-efficient to pay Ukrainian developers instead. But still, there are a lot of companies that create new and unique products in the spheres of AI, VR, Healthcare, and so on. 

The developers there are highly experienced and responsible but the best option to get great services is to hire a software development agency rather than a freelancer. Such agencies or companies have expertise and authority in the market and can guarantee top-quality work.

RIVO AGENCY is also a Ukrainian company with more than 13 years of experience in ReactJS, Node.js, Laravel, and WordPress. We guarantee the quality, dedicated work, and great results because if your business is prosperous, ours will be too. 

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Indian developers

India is a country with a large population of developers. It’s also the second most populous country in the world, behind China. Developers in India are truly great because they have a strong basis in math and, to be honest, without Indian coders the IT sphere couldn’t grow so rapidly. There are two reasons for it: the developers from India are strong engineers and without their videos and explanations the devs from other countries couldn’t do so much.

India has a lot of outsourcing companies that provide software services to other countries. These companies hire many developers from India and make them work for foreign clients, such as Germany or Canada.

The cultural diversity in India makes it easier for people who live there to adapt to different cultures and societies abroad.


Best developers in Australia

Australia is a great place to be a developer. The country’s population is only 24 million and yet it has 300,000 developers, making it the third most populous country on our list. A high education system makes Australia an attractive place for foreign workers to come and live. Australian developers are considered to be one of the best but on contrary, the cost of their services is even higher than in the US. Sure thing you can be confident that these guys will do every single detail as you wish and provide great quality but the cost will be also rather high.


developers in Canada

Canada is the second largest country in the world by area, and it’s also home to about 36 million people and has a GDP of $1.4 trillion—numbers that are only slightly less impressive than those of its southern neighbor, the United States. Canadian developers a really great and as a rule, they are advanced in a lot of technologies. They work mostly with such languages as Ruby, C, C++, JS, and Python, and that means you can find a wide range of services there. They are proficient in creating products for banks, the medical sphere, etc, so their skills and experience are undoubting.

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The United States is still the king when it comes to developers, but Ukraine is catching up quickly. India has been one of the top countries for tech talent for decades now, and with its low cost of living and high standard of living, it should be a prime destination for developers interested in working abroad. Australia’s environment is similar to America so it makes sense why people would want to move there. Lastly, Canada offers an English-speaking environment with opportunities similar to those found in Silicon Valley or New York City—two places where many professionals have migrated over the past decade due to their growing tech industries.

In case you need to create something and need a reliable and dedicated team to do so – RIVO AGENCY can be your solution. We provide a wide range of services and create IT products for such industries as healthcare, real estate, ERP and CRM systems, gastronomy, and so on. Drop us a line to contact and we will establish the cooperation you will be totally satisfied with.

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