Why should you choose Node.js for your project?

These days Node.js is at the peak of its hype. Sure thing, because this runtime environment has changed not only JavaScript but the whole back-end. Several years ago JavaScript was only the front-end language and was used just for such purposes. Node.js changed the game and expanded JavaScript's possibilities and took to the server side. There are many back-end technologies but Node.js is the most outstanding now. Because of it, we want to show you why you should choose Node.js for your project.

Facts that make Node.js so outstanding

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Before we move to the main reasons why you should use Node.js for your project it would be better to reflect on some facts that truly make Node.js a leader in server-side development:

  • Node.js is an open-source source technology
  • Node.js is free
  • Node.js can be used on Mac, Windows, Linux
  • Node.js uses JS on the server
  • 3.5 million+ devs use it and the number is growing
  • half a million downloads each day on average

Common usage of Node.js

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In general, Node.js is used for the back-end mostly. But taking into account the fact that Node.js uses JavaScript on the server side it provides great ground for full-stack development. 

All in all, Node.js can be used for: 

  • Static file server
  • Micro-services
  • Scripting & Automation
  • Web Application framework
  • Complex SPA’s (Single page apps)
  • Real-time Chat apps
  • Data Streaming apps
  • Embedded systems
  • Command-line apps
  • Browser games hardware programming

Business benefits

You may ask what benefits it brings to businesses except for digital products. There are some of them:

  • fast and powerful back-end services
  • scaling server
  • coupling between server and clients
  • cloud-enabled technology
  • high performance
  • lightweight Node.js services
  • cheap hosting services
  • enabled with the delivery of the minimum viable products
  • speedy native bindings are supported
  • easy installation and execution
  • use Node.js easily with open-source packages and modules
  • multiple platform code is supported as well

Now that we have grasped some basic info we can move on to the reasons why you should use Node.js for your project.

Common language

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JavaScript is utilized for either front-end or back-end development with Node.js, keeping the code more coherent throughout the app. In comparison, most apps utilize distinct languages for the front-end and back-end.

You can transfer the code for a client as well as the server side of an app when using Node.js. Moreover, you will be able to use JavaScript throughout the development process, allowing for improved communication between back-end and front-end teams. This also simplifies and enables full-stack development more practical, since you no longer need to find an engineer that is competent in many technologies.

Also, it is worth noticing that, whereas a lot of Node.js engineers prefer JavaScript because it is dynamically typed, those who prefer static typing may use TypeScript. Node.js gives you the flexibility of tailoring your working environment to your individual needs.

Fast development

node js

In case you have mastered JS and some front-end framework it will be easier for you to transfer to Node.js. This will boost the development process because there will be no need to hire one more specialist to create functionality. Knowing front and back you can do everything yourself and even avoid the potential problems with someone’s code.

In addition to all of that Node.js provides great speed and performance by itself. 

  • It’s simple to start developing using Node.js. Its servers can be easily set up, and a straightforward API can be operational in less than a minute.
  • Given that they connect many APIs, this runtime environment is also a great option for developers building microservice setups. This is because creating an API in Node is so straightforward.
  • It is a wonderful option for prototyping solutions and architectures as well because it makes experimenting quick and simple.
  • When you’re further along in the development process, you may switch between dynamic and static typing as necessary, giving you complete control over the way the different parts of the system are put together.
  • You can use as many libraries as your project requires. You may either make your own or obtain and utilize pre-made versions using NPM.


NPM in node js

This is one of the biggest advantages of this technology. You can install and use numerous modules and functionality without reinventing the wheel. Other developers have already created the things that you need, the only thing you need to do is to use them properly. You can literary solve any issue by using npm and in addition to this, it is easy to handle, use and manage an app’s dependencies. 

Sure thing, when you don’t need to create something from scratch and can use the ready solution it reduces the development time as well as market delivery time.

Single thread

single thread in node js

Node.js is famous for its single-thread capabilities. As far as other back-end technologies are multithreaded they sometimes have trouble with processing users’ requests. Node.js with its single thread can manage them easily by creating the query for such processing. Also, we have to mention the single-threaded event loop architecture that works well for components and microservices. When an app is launched the event loop starts and executes a single request at a time. 

What’s good about it is that it makes development easier because there is only one thread to manage. Also, Node.js handles more requests than other technologies because of the event loop and any user can get an immediate reply if it is an RTA for example.

Also, single-threaded event loop architecture gives great perspectives for scaling without any troubles for the whole system.

Native AWS support

Native AWS support for node js

AWS appears to be the most favorable hosting platform and takes around 32% of the cloud market. It has native support for Node.js that integrates with AWS rather well. Users may create and modify code directly in their browser using Cloud9, an Amazon in-browser Integrated Development Environment. It is one of the lowest entry barriers for a scalable microservice and is consistent with Node.js. But in addition to all of that, you are not the only person who can work with JS through AWS instruments. It is possible to use Node.js with IoT SDK from Amazon as well as AWS cloud development Kit for JS which also supports TS. So, as you can see AWS supports Node.js immensely.


It is clear now that Node.js has a lot of benefits in comparison to other back-end technologies. So, in case, you pick up Node.js for your project you will only win among your rivals. In RIVO AGENCY, we understand all the advantages that Node.js provides and use them to the full range. We consider it an amazing tool that helps us to make our clients happy.

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