WordPress domination on the CMS market. Why is it so?

Since the very beginning of its existence, WordPress positioned itself as a powerful and reliable tool. On this note, it continues growing popularity among users and developers and eventually holds the lion's share of the CMS market these days. Such a fact is proved by different analyses of various tech companies like GigaPress, W3Tech, and so on. Currently, every fourth website is created by the means of WordPress, so 1/4 of the market belongs to it. In that way, you can see the total domination of WordPress among other CMSs. At this point, you might be asked yourself: "What's special in WordPress that it holds such high rates?" For that reason, we decided to highlight the reasons for WordPress domination.

Robust user management

Robust user management

WordPress is the technology created not only for developers but it was also created for regular users to make things simple. If you have in mind a creation of simple website you can create it solely without knowledge of coding. Moreover, with beautiful and responsive themes you may set a nice appearance, and using comfortable navigation you can manage all your content in the way you want.

All in all, you’ll be able to control the system and content inside of it without external help and additional costs. In addition to that, any user can use plugins to extend possibilities and make the website even more effective and attractive for visitors and customers.

Themes and flexibility

Themes and flexibility

In case you don’t have a designer or don’t want to spend money for a simple design WordPress provides a ton of free and good-looking themes that make your site beautiful. When you’re not satisfied with free themes and designs, you’re can buy them for an affordable price or install a relevant plugin for that purpose.

Building a website using WordPress is less expensive than using another CMS since it enables you to select from a large selection of WordPress themes and plugins that are reasonably priced. Furthermore, they are adaptable so you can create nearly anything with this CMS.

WordPress allows high flexibility in terms of creation, so you literally can create any type of website like a blog (which is built-in in most cases), a personal or a company’s website, and even an eCommerce website.

In addition to all of that WordPress is a free technology, so no licenses or fees will be charged if you use it. That gives you full freedom in creating something you truly want.



As you have already understood WordPress is a highly popular and sure thing it falls under different cyber attacks and security breach attempts. Comprehending that WP developers have created strong0:06 security in WordPress core and keep enhancing it properly. And indeed, it is hard to hack any website built on WordPress. 

For those who are not sure about native WP security, there is a ton of security plugins and extensions aimed to protect your system from various cyber attacks malicious code, brute attacks, malware, and so on. 

In addition to all of that WP allows the integration of SSL Certificates that empowers the protection of your website.

Powerful SEO

Powerful SEO

Contrary to other CMSs and technologies WP is considered the most SEO friendly. The main reason for this is the code. WordPress is written with high-quality code that has semantic markup. That helps Google, Bing, and other search engines index and understand sites more clearly. So, we can definitely say that all search engines love WP. Furthermore, this technology has a ton of additional features that have a positive impact on ranking. 

One of the most ranking parameters is the security and usage of SSL. In addition to that, positive impacts have also:

  • the responsiveness of a webpage
  • SEO-friendly themes and designs
  • speed and performance of a website
  • and sure thing content you put inside.

Moreover, WP has a lot of great plugins for SEO optimization. There you can regulate permalinks, and metadata and provide all the necessary settings to rank up your website in web search queries.

Simple content management

Simple content management

Working on WordPress will turn out to be a real pleasure for some business owners. It allows easygoing and comfortable functionality for adding and editing content that will be easy to get for everyone. So, in that case, you don’t need to spend extra money on a specialist, because you can manage your content by yourself.

Furthermore, WordPress goes well with all kinds of media files, so you won’t have any risk of collapsing your content.

Also, you have a chance to correct and sharpen your content for the needs pursued. Exactly, for this reason, WP developers and different communities create content plugins aimed to skyrocket your content management, get a high ranking by Google and other search engines, and for sure, engage new visitors or customers to the webpage.

Social media integration

Social media integration

WordPress is an amazing technology in terms of social media integration. It allows using Instagram, Telegram, Facebook, and other social networks for various purposes. It is especially useful for different blogs or online shops because it gives real social proof, trust of customers, and ease of use. 

There is plenty of plugins aimed to boost your website with the help of social networks, what you need to do is to pick up the plugin that would suit your needs the most.

Long run of WordPress domination

Long run

It’s clear that WordPress is rather old technology, but despite this fact, it is constantly updated and supported by a huge community of fans and developers to keep it afloat. Every day, WordPress receives new plugins, and updates and more and more businesses prefer it to use because of its flexibility, universality, and speed. 

So, we definitely can say that WordPress here is for the long run. And even if something happens, it is oped-sourced and anyone can keep it alive. 

Furthermore, WordPress has no administration at all, so there is no direct commercial benefit to those who have created it. It is supported by a large community of developers and that only enhances the lifetime of this technology.


Now it is obvious that WordPress is a great and powerful technology that has melted the hearts of many. It provides the unseen flexibility, functionality, and benefits that will scale your business. All the described reasons are just a token of what WP truly can do for you and your business.

As real experts in WordPress development, we know all the tricks and slightest details of this technology. With this expertise, we can provide the best custom WordPress solutions you might want to receive. Turn to RIVO AGENCY and we definitely help you to create something that matters.

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