WordPress popularity and reasons for it

Nowadays, with the robust and rapid growth of such technologies as React, Vue, and Laravel it seems that CMSs slowly going into oblivion. On contrary, WordPress turned out to be the most popular technology for creating websites.

According to the latest statistics WP holds 64.2% of the website development market. In addition to that, it dominates strongly over other technologies and CMSs.  

WordPress popularity among other CMSs

There are several reasons for WordPress popularity and love from users these days.


Since the very beginning, WP was a great technology for creating blogs. But with the flow of time, it developed so much that you can use WP for almost any purpose you want to. Using WordPress allows you to create dynamic, good-looking websites and platforms with high performance and flexibility.

Strong and big community

WordPress appeared to be a great tool for creating websites and that attracted a lot of developers to learn it. That caused the busts of creating and developing a huge community, ready to help every minute. Besides help, this community creates a lot of new functionality that makes development on WP faster and more enjoyable. 

That community contributes a lot to the development and distribution of WP.

Easy to learn

WordPress showed itself to be a great solution for newbies. It doesn’t require a lot of programming knowledge at the start. In this way, you will be able to learn this technology in detail. Moreover, with numerous plugins, the development process becomes even easier and more customizable. In case you want to create something unique and unusual, you have to empower your skills with PHP. That will boost your WP development to a higher level.

High security

With the strong growth of WordPress popularity, it drew the attention of black hackers, so the cyber threat appeared. Fortunately, WP developers constantly updated and create better security measures that they encapsulate inside the technology. In addition to that, they release numerous plugins aimed to increase the level of website protection.

Wide functionality

The technology has a wide range of functions at its disposal. That opens huge possibilities for creating a great and attractive website. But WP has a lot more to offer – plugins and patches. They make the process of development even more powerful and extend the functionality to almost limitless possibilities.

Great SEO

One of the most widespread reasons for WordPress popularity is excellent SEO optimization. WP is extremely friendly to SEO and that makes Google and other search engines love it.

Simple to handle

WordPress is a great technology for business owners. Why? It provides a simple, easy-to-get dashboard and set of tools that are clear at first glance. You don’t need to be a genius in coding or have at least some knowledge there. You can use built-in tools and plugins and manage your website easily.


This is the perfect decision for small and large online shops that use WordPress as the selling platform. It allows for building an online shop and provides all the necessary functionality, necessary for its correct and smooth work.


If you doubt that the website is made with the help of WordPress won’t be good for mobile – you’re totally wrong. WP provides a vast of great and beautiful designs that are totally responsible and match any dimensions and devices.

Mobile opportunities

For all people, WordPress is associated only with websites. But lately, WP devs made a strong focus on REST API and that opened doors for developing apps on the basis of WordPress. Sure thing, that opens new horizons for WP development.


As you can see, the dominance of WordPress on the market is caused by numerous reasons. With this amazing technology, you can level up your business or website and achieve your goals easily. The benefits of WP are clear and obvious and that attracts and engages new users, customers, and developers like us. 

We have deep and profound expertise in WordPress and can develop a website of any complexity that will totally satisfy your expectations.

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