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Our global goal – create non-standard and effective IT – solutions for businesses from around the world. We believe that many business processes can be better and much more effective with the usage of digital technologies, software, and apps. For the past 3 years, we have developed digital products for the healthcare and fitness industries, that's why we know the pains of these industries and how we can solve them effectively. Every day, we help our clients to decide their issues and improve business processes. We can create apps for medical clinics, dentists, doctors, beauty businesses, and other healthcare companies.

6 reasons to build a healthcare app

There are a lot of reasons to develop your own digital product, some of them are personal, and some are common. In order not to spread out, we'd better point out the most common reasons that we met in our medical projects.
  • Increase of business effectiveness

    Having new digital solutions at disposal allows for boosting all management processes and making work in a way effective. There will be no need to do the routine job manually, while the system can handle all the minor tasks. That, in turn, has an overall positive impact on the business.
  • New clients

    High effectiveness and easiness and comfort of usage attract new clients. With a simple-to-understand app or any other digital solution, clients start to feel easiness and comfort, and that makes them satisfied. In addition, when a company has a good service, having a digital product also enforces the overall impression and that brings more and more new clients.
  • Loyalty of clients

    When your customers feel comfy and satisfied, that influences your business positively. By providing good digital solutions along with high-quality service, you can build strong relationships with clients for a long period of time.
  • Economy of time

    When a business has its own software, it speeds up all the inner processes. The management becomes more effective, the document flow becomes easier and all the simple and routine tasks can be automized, and so on. All that together saves time and money as well.
  • Marketing tool

    Using healthcare applications you can send news and information about the company, create interesting content and inform your patients about special prices or discounts. Moreover, the existence of the digital product in a company speaks for itself and attracts a lot of attention. So that is a kind of marketing tool too.
  • Rapid business growth and scaling

    As far as an effective IT solution boosts productivity, the growth, and scaling of a business after some period of time becomes inevitable.
Nowadays IT - solutions for businesses became a necessary investment

Our guarantee in Medical App Development


    We ensure that our mobile apps are HIPAA-compliant, which entails that they are secure. Confidential information related to the patients and other associated parties like hospitals and doctors will be protected, especially when it is saved on mobile devices and/or transmitted via the client-server model.
  • FDA

    We’ll check whether your product is compliant with the US Food & Drugs Administration, and then recommend necessary changes you’ll need to approve.

    Every mHealth app that we develop abides by the HITECH Act. They successfully pass all the security audits that are made to ensure strict enforcement of the HIPAA-based Privacy and Security rules.
  • SaMD

    We follow the concepts and SaMD risk categories detailed by the International Medical Device Regulators Forum for the medical app development industry.
  • HL7

    We follow the set of international standards for sharing, exchanging, and integrating, retrieving healthcare information as dictated by the Health Level 7 organization. We strictly follow the standards when enhancing clinical practice and management with our digital products to deliver the best decisions without violating any rules.
  • GDPR

    Our data collection, processing, and securing process is designed to follow all the stringent GDPR compliance requirements. While the GDPR rules ask for special protection for sensitive information, we ensure that every data that your application works with is highly secure.
Analysts claim that the global market for medical application development was estimated at $37 billion in 2020. 9 times growth is expected by 2025 and will reach $332.7 billion.
If you have an idea to start using a healthcare application for your business
we can help you

Why you can trust our health mobile developers

Our company has been working in the field of IT development for 10 years. We have only been working for 3 years in the field of the medical business. We have cases with good results and receive positive feedback from our clients who have developed their businesses using our solutions.
10 years
on IT development
3 years
on medical business

Our Healthcare App Expertise

  • Our Healthcare App Expertise

    Telemedicine Platforms

    Allow for remote monitoring of patients' health conditions and online communication between doctors and patients. It will help you save time and raise the level of customer service.
  • Our Healthcare App Expertise

    Mobile Applications for doctors

    It will help to improve treatment coordination and have quick access to information about medicines and patients.
  • Our Healthcare App Expertise

    ENR/EMR Systems

    These systems help you to have a full overview of patients in real-time.
  • Our Healthcare App Expertise

    Clinical Management Systems

    It will help you to increase the efficiency of your business, speed it up and automize the small routine tasks. As a result, it will generate new customers for your business.
  • Our Healthcare App Expertise


    Such solutions will help you analyze your business, keep in touch with your customers, discover what they need, and win their loyalty. With deep data analysis, you'll be able to provide better and more effective decisions, and that can increase your business as a result.
  • Our Healthcare App Expertise


    Our team can develop and deliver some exclusive digital solutions for laboratories to make the job a bit easier and more comfortable. Our solution will absorb all the needs of a laboratory and bring the product that will suit the needs in the best way possible.
After the big analytics job about your business and with your wishes, we can offer you the best individual decisions. In our interest to be partners with you, improve your business together and deliver good results to you.
Developing IT solutions is a difficult job, but not yours. If you are still unsure about this service we can talk.

Top Medical Solution

  • Top Medical Solution

    Drug-interaction checking

  • Top Medical Solution

    Patient progress tracking

  • Top Medical Solution

    Online Bill Payment

  • Top Medical Solution

    Doctor appointment booking

  • Top Medical Solution

    Dashboard visualization

  • Top Medical Solution

    Appointment scheduling

  • Top Medical Solution

    Video conferencing

  • Top Medical Solution

    Integrated EMR/EHR modules

  • Top Medical Solution

    Real-time chat for doctors and patients

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