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Healthcare App Development Costs

With the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, the health sector began to develop very rapidly. Because unexpected new situations required new solutions that had not yet been applied. Medicine has faced problems in the field of world medicine.

The role of IT technologies in the Healthcare Industry


And the newest and most innovative approaches in medicine have been implemented using IT technologies. Their main goal was to simplify the procedure for visiting hospitals and improve the quality of patient care.

First, there is the need to develop mobile applications in various areas of healthcare for the convenience of patients. People do not want to waste time on regular check-ups and visits to doctors, because now the pace of life in general is very fast and much more convenient when there are various services and programs that help monitor their health on the Internet (for example, fitness programs – exercise or tracking pregnancy).

On the other hand, doctors also need to communicate with a large number of patients at the same time. And one person can’t do it, so mobile apps for many clients are perfect for many, right?



What are the Types of Healthcare Mobile Apps?




Electronic medical records are known as electronic medical records, which were introduced in the 70s and were not such a useful comparison to newer electronic medical records systems. Cloud infrastructure solutions in healthcare are likely to increase the number of healthcare operations such as telemedicine, healthcare plans, and virtual drug surveillance. Mobile apps support existing ER systems well.

With the help of EHR, doctors can instantly view patient records and can also replenish drugs and perform several other actions with just one click.



Telemedicine is a medical practice that uses technology to provide assistance at a distance. A physician in one location uses telecommunications infrastructure to provide care to a patient in a remote location.

Telemedicine mobile apps are definitely a win-win for both patients and doctors. This is why, according to a report by Statista, the market size for such a mobile app is expected to reach about $ 40 billion by 2021.



Online Patient enrollment

The interaction between doctor and patient is considered an important priority that today’s clients want. You can easily make an appointment on booking requests for a specific hospital or for an entire city. You just need to consider the doctor’s profile, time, date and free appointment slots and payment systems.


Remote patient monitoring

Remote patient monitoring links patient-generated health information with healthcare providers, making it easier to respond to emergencies and analyze it appropriately. Remote monitoring applications vary in functionality depending on the gadgets they are associated with and the type of information stored. A person can quickly develop a medical application to monitor a specific disease, or a general working tool to track blood pressure, fever, and more.


Symptom Checker

Applications in which you can view your symptoms and then make an appointment with a doctor are very popular among patients.

With this application, you can check the symptoms of any disease from the comfort of your home.

To create a medical symptom testing app, you need to hire mobile app developers to make sure it has advanced features and functionality.

If you need a self-diagnosis app for your patients, please contact us.

Our professional development team will be happy to help you develop such an application.



Psychological health

Mental health is the most important part of a healthy and wholesome person’s life. During the pandemic, many people experienced mental health problems. Statistics show an increase in the number of patients working with anxiety disorders and depression. Thus, there has been an increased demand for apps that can track the onset of panic attacks, track your emotions, and meditate. For example, applications such as:





An app for meditation. Basic ones are available free of charge. Helps to relax after stress or anxiety.




The goal of the app creators is to teach the user to cling to feelings and emotions. Exercises help you look at the world in a new way.

If you are in the mental health industry, we will be happy to help you develop apps to help your patients live a happy life.



Why are Mobile applications very popular in the Healthcare Industry?

In 2020, the mHealth market size was valued at over $45B, which is pretty impressive for a young industry.

With the advent of the coronavirus pandemic, the healthcare sector began to develop very quickly. For the reason that new unexpected situations required new solutions that had not yet been applied. Medicine faced challenges in the field of world medicine which had to be transformed, not planned.

And the newest and most innovative approaches in medicine have been implemented using IT technologies. Their main task was to simplify the procedure for visiting the hospital and improve the quality of patient care.


What you need to know before you start developing an app for your business?


The first necessity is the development of mobile applications in various fields of healthcare for the convenience of patients. People do not want to waste time on constant examinations and visits to doctors, since now a pace of life is very fast. It is much more convenient when there are various services and programs that help tracking health status online (for example, fitness programs or pregnancy tracking).

On the other hand, physicians also need to be informed to communicate and communicate with a large number of patients at the same time. And one person cannot do this, so mobile applications for a large number of clients are an ideal service for many, right?

And also – one of the trends that we described in the previous article is Telemedicine (ссылка на статью про тренди). It is also a convenient way when the doctor has the opportunity to help remotely, despite the fact that the patient does not waste time travelling and waiting in queues.

Healthcare costs in the industry are constantly on the rise.

Medical facilities have become more expensive and the current digital solutions market is experiencing record growth. The cost of developing healthcare applications increases depending on the industry. The current situation shows that development costs have increased over the past ten years and will continue to grow. The rapid proliferation of smartphones and the increased demand for them is one of the main factors behind the increase in the number of mobile healthcare applications.

It should be understood that a high-quality application for your business is not a 1-day product. You will use it for a long time, and a properly designed application will bring long-term benefits, since a properly designed application is a powerful marketing tool.

In any case, quality services that bring lasting impact cannot be cheap, so be prepared for that.

But you can save a lot if you contact a company in Eastern Europe. By purchasing applications from a Ukrainian company, you will only benefit. Since we do not compromise on quality with our foreign competitors, Ukrainian specialists have long been convinced that they can compete in quality and education with their foreign colleagues. But the Ukrainian economic situation allows you to be more loyal in the pricing policy to your customers. Take advantage of this.


How much do you need to pay?

Here you can see the assessment of one of the American IT companies, which is also a rough estimate of Ukrainian IT.


We want to discuss one of the most burning questions – how much do I need to pay for a Healthcare app development?

It’s not that easy to answer. Because it depends on many factors.

Starting with the specifics of the niche in which you work and ending with trends in the industry as a whole.

When you budget for healthcare, you must understand that first you need to set a specific goal for yourself – to understand what exactly you need. Answer yourself to a number of specific questions:who the application will be for, how it can improve the lives of patients, simplify your life, and also positively affect the development of your business.

Then find a company that suits your goals. You can contact an IT company in your country, you can contact freelancers, or you can contact a company in a country which is economically developed and has IT specialists of a high professional level, but has lower prices on the services. For example, Ukraine.

Separately, we want to talk about working with freelancers. If you really need a quality mobile app that will become a part of your brand, it’s best to contact a specialized company. After all, not one person is responsible for the quality of the product being developed, but the whole team. And you also sign legal documents, which are also a guarantee of the quality of the work performed.



As you can see, it is really much cheaper to work with Ukrainian companies.

Approximate estimation of Healthcare app in Ukraine

In Conclusion




Summing up, we can say that the healthcare sector is developing very quickly. And especially in developed and civilized countries. And this is not surprising, because IT technologies in medicine create excellent conditions for communication and treatment of both doctors and patients.

Unsurprisingly, such solutions, which bring great benefit and bring this benefit over the long term, cannot be cheap. Therefore, companies that develop applications in the healthcare sector are now rapidly developing, as well as their specialists and, accordingly, complex project work is not cheap.

But you also get many benefits to grow your business.

We at Rivo Agency are also involved in the development of health care. Give us a shot and our healthcare app developers won’t let you down. In addition to experience and quality in this industry, we can say that developing with us will cost you less. Simply due to the fact that we are located in Ukraine and economically it turned out that we have a lower cost. But the quality is high.


We will be happy to talk to you and help you



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