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How to Develop Customer-Centricity Service in eCommerce Projects?

84% of potential clients look to customer service when deciding whether to buy from a company or not(D).

How to improve customer service? The age of corporations, those who grew up on the formula “low price = more buyers” are gradually becoming a thing of the past. Today’s client has long realized that quality cannot be associated with cheapness. That is why competent customer service comes to the first place, which helps to effectively build up from competitors.

There are millions of retail entrepreneurs around the world. Some of these businesses are very successful, but we know many stories of failures and bankruptcies of retail companies.
This means that some have found their ideal formula of working with clients and some have not.
Especially since in our modern world where there is an extremely competitive environment, the only way to win is the ability to stand out and be super quality for the client.

It is also one more competitive challenge and I also familiarize myself with the latest traditional retail from a eCommercial technology project.

The principal difference between traditional and ecommerce customer service can be summed up in one word. Technology. Okay, it is a little more complicated than that, but tech plays a massive role.


Why is strong customer service so important?


Business owners know very well that retaining customers who have already trusted you is much cheaper than finding new ones. According to economic estimates, it will take 6-7 times more money to find buyers. But losing them due to poor service can be very fast.

As we said above, now in the modern world there is absolutely no shortage of some goods. There are millions of manufacturers and also a huge number of distributors.
So how do you win this competition?
According to our research, not every company can boast of excellent customer service.
Therefore, if you ask the question – what strategy to choose for your retail business (or in principle – any business) – choose a focus on high-quality customer service.
By choosing it, you will never make a mistake.

Advertisers understand the power of emotion on customer purchasing decisions. So from a marketing point of view, customer service is an important emotion that remains after communicating with your business. If this emotion is negative, the chance to get a new client and even more so to return the old one is zero.

Believe that investing effort and money in customer service will always be a winning investment.



How to build great customer service and what tools to use?


Many new tools is well forgotten old tools

With all the flowering and potential (or even proven) effectiveness of new technologies, we must not forget about the banal things that in many ways shape the customer experience.

Despite the fact that progress has made great strides forward, the needs of people have remained the same – the customer experience, in fact, consists of very simple things: people like a comfortable environment, order and courteous treatment. And although we all love to discuss digitality and innovation, many buyers, unfortunately, still complain not about the fact that the store does not have an AR / VR application with navigation, but about indifference or rudeness on the part of the staff, delays, irrelevant price tags, broken carts and a mess in the trading floor.

So in general, to improve the customer experience, it is not necessary to immediately spend money on augmented reality or computer vision systems.
Start with basic tools to improve customer experience and then move on to digital tools.


1. Emotional and Empathy. However, few retailers consider human feelings when designing interactions. Design thinking focuses on not only understanding but empathizing with the customer. Retailers tap into customers’ emotional state to understand how emotion influences environmental interactions. What feelings drive behavior at every step in the buyer’s journey? What feeling does a customer have before and after engagement?

2. Personalization.One vital element in building trust online is personalization. Now no one is interested in the template proposals that businesses send to everyone. Now everyone appreciates and demonstrates their individuality. Therefore, the needs of each consumer are individual. Ask yourself a question. What real pain do I help my clients solve?
Develop personalized offers, taking into account not all target audiences, but segment them according to pains and needs. One product is capable of solving different pains. If you think about it and work on it, success will surely come to you

3. Ability to listen and hear customers. When a salesperson, personal manager, or regular support person knows how to listen to the customer and give him a substantive answer, it does not go unnoticed. It is not necessary to take the time to be imbued with the problem that a person has, to understand how his business or even his personal life will depend on its solution. Fear not, he will appreciate the effort and remain loyal to your company. Encourage your employees to question people, ask them questions about the situation that has arisen, and simply ask about, for example, health or business success. The more they know about each customer, the more successful the company will become, and with it the customers. Likeable employees who don’t care about the concerns and fears of consumers will not make the company successful. Service will become effective only if they learn to look at the situation through the eyes of the client and draw appropriate conclusions.

4. Collect feedback. Ask customers questions that require a detailed answer; find out if there are any wishes or objections, how satisfied the customer is with the service and the product itself; be sure to ask if the consumer has any questions, whether they managed to figure everything out; offer to rate the service on a ten-point scale company; regularly calculate the loyalty index and the likelihood of a positive recommendation.
DO NOT ignore the interests and important events in the life of your clients. We strongly recommend using a CRM system for this. If you do not know which one to choose or if you need an individual development, please contact us. We will be happy to advise you.

5. Keep complex things simple, slow processes fast. Although this is already the part that technologies can improve.
People come to you to exchange their money not just for goods (as we said there are many around the world). They come to receive quality service that will simplify their life and the service should be of high quality and fast. 60% of customers expect a fast response from a brand within 10 minutes
Therefore, give up complex designs that make it difficult for your customer to purchase on a website or online store.

Also, in cooperation, choose programmers who will write your website or online store in the appropriate language. So that later there was no problem with slow loading and other uncomfortable conditions for buying. A website or online store that takes a long time to load is very annoying. And this can become a real reason for refusal to cooperate with your business.
Ask yourself a question: What if I were a client of my business, would I be satisfied?


IT Solutions Which Can Improve your Customer Service

When you have already done all the basic steps to improve customer service with your company, you can already think of digital solutions that will further transform your business and make it convenient for customers.

1. Live Chat

It is very important that the person who visited your site or the Internet – the store did not feel abandoned. And if something raises questions in her mind and she needs help, she can do it in real time by writing to the support chat. It must be answered or consulted by a competent person. This will leave a positive impression of the interaction with your business and will most likely help you make a positive decision to buy from you.
And of course the reaction in support of the client’s request must be immediate.


2. Digital Navigation

Navigation optimization refers to the process of improving how visitors and search engines find and access information within a given website. This includes the site’s taxonomy, how pages are structured, and how menus are labeled on both desktop and mobile. The design of all of these components can have a tremendous impact on the overall end-user experience, increasing or decreasing metrics like search ranking, bounce rate, pageviews, time on site, return visitors, conversions, and more.
Let your marketers do it


3. Robots

The fashion for robotization in retail is set by Amazon, where robots are involved in a variety of processes, from picking orders to concluding deals with brands.

Bank of America expects robots to replace about 75% of jobs by 2030. Of course, when it comes to stereotyped tasks, jobs are superior to people: they don’t make mistakes, they don’t get tired and don’t get sick. Robotization helps retailers save money, streamline processes and scale their business. However, the purchase and maintenance of service robots requires considerable investment. We can advise you on the implementation of robotic services in your service.


4. Personalized Digital Marketing


The first thing that needs to be done for closer communication with clients is to establish direct contact with them. A variety of modern feedback tools allow you to do this without much difficulty:email newsletters, correspondence in online chat, a convenient ticket system, understandable web forms, mobile applications, instant messengers, social networks.
The consumer should always have a choice of which type of communication to use. Your task is to educate him about these opportunities and provide access to all communication channels. An excellent answer to the question of how to improve customer service will be a solution to combine all contacts in a separate section of the site. You must make communication with you as pleasant and comfortable as possible. Also, do not send template letters and offers. Build competent marketing that knows the needs and pains of each segment of your target audiences and build a marketing strategy, offers, letters and bonus systems for these needs.


5. Prioritize Transparency

Your e-commerce customers should be given full access to their billing history, the status of their order, and their preferred payment options. Transparent businesses allow customers to view their entire order history several months, if not years, into the past. Opening up your ecommerce business’s billing history is one of the easiest ways to improve transparency and increase customer retention.


In conclusion

Despite the development of technology, we should not forget about banal and simple solutions that often do not cost much money.
But which evoke in your old and new customers a sense of trust and love for you.
Invest your efforts in improving customer service. This will always be a trend.
We have been working closely with ecommerce projects for over 5 years and we know how to make technological solutions bring results to the owner and the love of customers.


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