Laravel best practices and tips

Every developer wants to be the best and avoid mistakes and bugs while coding. Unfortunately, you cannot gain experience and expertise without mistakes but to become better and avoid a lot of them you can use the practices and methods of more experienced developers. So, this time we will cast light on Laravel best practices and tips that will make you a better developer.

Always use the latest versions

Laravel development

In order to get a stronger performance, better web solutions and features and higher security you have to use the latest versions of a framework. 

Such a solution will provide you with several benefits like increased effectiveness, more stable code, and avoiding potential mistakes and conflicts between versions. New versions of technologies always bring some new features that, as a rule, make the life of developers easier and help them to delegate or automatize small processes without spreading their attention to small tasks.  

Using an up-to-date framework allows you to focus on really important tasks and complete them successfully because the framework already has the necessary resources and built-in solutions. 

Stick to the coding standards

Laravel development

Every language and framework has its coding standards. Using them helps to maintain your code in order and make it reusable and comprehensive for other developers. Considering Laravel there are no strict restrictions but when we talk about Laravel best practices it will be great for you to follow the standards like PSR-2 or PSR-4. 

Why should you use those standards? That’s simple. When you stick to PSR-2 you have to follow a single style guide and that will make your code easier to understand not just for others but for you too if you return to that code. Also, as a result, you will receive a uniformly formatted and shared code that everyone can get.  

As for PSR-4 deals with the specification for the autoloading of classes from the file path. In that way, it describes the place where the files are located and will be autoloaded due to this specification. 

In addition to all of that, you always can use different additional tools such as GrumPHP to improve your code standards.

Avoid bad-written queries with Relationships

Laravel development

Did you ever utilize numerous joins in a query solely to gain extra information? Even using Query Builder, it is difficult to construct such SQL queries, yet models already do it with Relationships. Because of the large quantity of information provided in the documentation, you may not be acquainted with it though, but it will aid you in comprehending how things function and ways to make your app perform more smoothly.

Utilize Laravel Jobs

Laravel jobs

In case you need to run your tasks in the background Laravel Jobs can be a powerful tool in that regard. 

Jobs allow you to eliminate loading time for your consumers while doing time-consuming operations such as these. They may be placed in specified queues, prioritized, and guess what — Laravel integrated queues virtually anywhere it was possible: whether it’s executing PHP in the background, delivering alerts, or broadcasting events, queues are present.

Use Laravel helpers

Laravel helpers

One of the most important and significant practices is the usage of different helper functions. These helpers help developers to be more effective and reduce the time of development, moreover, in some cases, they don’t need to reinvent the wheel or write any additional code to apply some functionality. They can use the ready-made functions and don’t waste their valuable time and resources. 

 The full list of helpers is here.

Artisan CLI

Laravel development

To make your web development process smooth and enjoyable you can use the Artisan command-line interface that has the Symfony Console components as the basis. Artisan CLI affects the development process quite positively by increasing the speed of development and helps a lot in the scheduling of tasks and triggering actions on the event’s occurrence.

Wise usage of plugins

Laravel plugins

You should always keep your code and project clean. This approach will increase the speed of performance of your project and will remove the unnecessary functionality that takes the resources and memory away.

You should always disable the plugins you don’t need or use or if your project doesn’t require them at all.

Usage of Eloquent ORM

Laravel development

The eloquent ORM is among the nicest things you can get for any Laravel website. This is applied to extract data, which is subsequently shown to end customers by a single request. Another of Laravel best practices to follow while constructing a website with Laravel is the ability to pay attention to your model’s naming convention. By adhering to this guideline, you can assure that the online solution you are presenting will not encounter significant complications.

PHP regular update

PHP development

When we start discussing Laravel, it should be acknowledged that it is among the most significant PHP frameworks nowadays. PHP has a massive effect on the performance of the website. It is critical in retrieving the correct data from the database, packaging it in CSS and HTML, and lastly provide the finished product to the customers. As a result, if PHP fails to meet standards, everything collapses. Every PHP update has certain enhancements, and releases are provided on a regular basis. Keeping your PHP versions up to date will improve the performance of your Laravel website or app.

Trusted security tools only

Laravel security

The regularity of cyber-attacks is expanding at a rapid pace across several commercial categories on a daily basis. Such assaults elevate the expense of doing business. This implies that it is critical to search for and repair vulnerabilities throughout the website or app before they turn out to be critical. You must utilize reputable security technologies on your website to do this. Such technologies may be used to both address problems and prevent further damage to your site. By employing the proper security technologies, you can secure your website against malicious code and other dangerous assaults.


Using all those practices will definitely help you to become a more profitable developer and will save you time. There is no need for any way to make mistakes and lean on them because you have the best Laravel practices and tips that will help you o avoid them and build the right approach to the job. Use our practices and tips and become better and better.

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