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Laravel for Non-Technical Professionals

Laravel is one of the most lucrative frameworks for many business projects. But not everyone knows about it. Because all the information available in IT blogs for business representatives is perceived as some kind of magic. After reading which, nothing is clear. But it's not a problem. We will explain what Laravel is and when you need to choose this framework as clearly as possible.

The main advantages of Laravel

Laravel actively uses Symfony components: they are partially rewritten or adapted, partially only the idea or pattern is used. 

Unlike other frameworks Lavarel uses the latest PHP feachers

Laravel and Symfony have similar characteristics, which means they are designed to solve the same type of tasks. 

In fact, Laravel is suitable for all types of applications for which PHP can be used. But its specificity should be attributed to the fact that compared to other PHP frameworks, it provides more opportunities for the implementation of backends for mobile applications.

This gives the business such basic and easy-to-understand benefits:

  • Detailed and simple documentation
  • Availability of accessible and understandable training programs
  • Regular updates
  • Quick correction of detected errors.

For example, it has many built-in functions, many ready-made solutions in the form of packages and ECO-system – a set of additional services from writing code to development and site management – updates, deployment” ( Victor Batura, PHP/Laravel developer in Rivo Agency).

When is Laravel the best solution for you?

Laravel is the technology that comes handy when you try to think outside of the box. There are a lot of off-the-shelf solutions for e-commerce platform development, like Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify, etc. 

Laravel is most suitable in three cases:

  • For startups
  • For e-commerces projects
  • For B2B companies

For Startups

Laravel is an easy start for developing startups. The multifunctionality of the framework solves many problems with the design of a complex project architecture, as well as with scalability in the future.

For E-commerces Projects 

Laravel’s flexibility provides an undeniable advantage for developing large online stores with a complex architecture. The site, implemented on the framework, will perform any, even the most difficult tasks, for the solution of which it was created.

For B2B Platforms 

B2B platforms need to automate many of the processes associated with price management and control over customer service. The Laravel framework allows you to implement all the necessary functionality without losing quality and time.

Keep in mind, that Rivo Agency is custom web and mobile app development company located in Ukraine. We can help you create an effective application using modern technologies. Our team includes expert laravel developers, so you can rely on us.

If you understand that you can try to discuss your project on Laravel or, on the contrary, you want to try another framework – no problem.

We will help you in either case.

We will explain everything in simple language and select the best solution individually for you.


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