Fleurs de cafe

A flower + coffee shop with the aim to deliver gentleness and taste across the whole USA.


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Fleurs de cafe


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Julia & Irena Papirnik




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Story behind

Story behind

The whole story starts with two young girls from New Jersey, who have a strong passion for two things: flowers and coffee. Irena and Julie are florists, and their desire to explore and share the beauty of flowers with the rest of the world was so strong that they started to collect the most beautiful examples of them. Furthermore, both of them are coffee addicts, and they decided to combine all that passions into one and deliver it to the world. So, that’s how their creative and beautiful flower + coffee shop began its existence.

User Story

As far as Irena and Julie are highly skilled in floristics, and have tasted numerous sorts of coffee around the world, they have decided to encapsulate their inspiration and experience in a small but promising business. They have selected the best flowers they could that come straight from the best eco-friendly farms in Ecuador, Colombia, and the Netherlands to make the best and long-lasting impressions on the customers. In order not to stay pale and regular, flower shop girls added their passion for coffee and selected the most unique and full of taste and notes examples. 

The girls wanted their small shop to grow and decided to create an online shop to reach more customers and deliver value to them. They wanted to attract and keep the customers not only with their concept but with fast and high-quality services. For that reason, they wanted to apply the fastest delivery in 15 miles in New Jersey and use USPC delivery to cover the whole USA. They have heard of us and seen our quality of work, so understood that we can help them. 


The main idea of this online shop was to show gentleness. It should reflect the light and gentle nature of flowers and touch every single particle of a soul to give some warmth, comfort, and happiness. Irena and Julie didn’t want something complicated, they wanted to embrace the natural quirks and beauty of the blooms. They wanted flowers to speak for themselves, and coffee set the hearts in a flutter. 

Everyone who would visit the online shop should have some feeling of comfort and want to stay some more. This shop isn’t about marketing, but about strong feelings. 

Taking all of that into account, our designer has created a bright, gentle, and simple-to-interact design that won’t overload the eyes and mind and makes customers feel at home there. He has underscored the theme of the shop with pink, coffee with milk, and white colors to reflect the main idea of the shop. Customers were totally enlightened.


In terms of development, this project wasn’t so hard to create for our team. Our developers have a lot of experience in creating different systems and custom software, so creating a simple but stylish online shop wasn’t a problem at all. The main technology that formed a core for Fleurs de café online shop was WordPress along with WooCommerce plugin for its good optimization and great functionality that fits perfectly for any online shop development. For creating a robust and friendly front end with attractive UI, our developers used ReactJS and jQuery and jQuery UI libraries to make some specific and unique features. Sure thing, our online shop needed a good database to collect and handle that data, and we utilized MySQL for these purposes. As far as the girls wanted to provide the payments with Apple Pay and PayPal and fast delivery of bouquets in the nearest 15 miles in New Jersey and cover all of the USA through USPC delivery, we used all named technologies to implement this functionality. 


In the end, Irena and Julie received the online shop that on one side was gentle, nice and soft and on the other side was powerful, fast, and delivered great UI/UX. As a result, great design and development along with decent products, delivery, and payments have played their role and attracted a lot of customers. Irena and Julie remained satisfied and, the business expanded and continues to grow at the moment.

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Fleurs de cafe

While choosing the company that would realize our idea, we have seen the quality of work of Rivo Agency and started to work with them. The decision was just right as far as they created every single detail in the way we wanted. Our business blossoms as our flowers and all that thanks to Rivo Agency.

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