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One of the top German companies that deals with fashion and manufactures shoes and purses of high quality for both men and women.

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Story behind

At some point in their history, big companies start to grow rapidly and want to expand their markets. This is the case with Gabor. Because of the high quality and trendy looks, their shoes, and purses have become rather popular in German. With the growth of popularity, they have expanded the markets of other European countries and as a result, started to look at the US market.

User Story

The client has approached us with a number of requirements that we needed to keep. Moreover, for us to understand clearly what Gabor wants from us, they have told us the goals they were pursuing. This company wanted to jump into the US market with its marketplace and product and win its place among others.

Gabor asked us to create something vague, definitely trendy, with taste and style. The marketplace that attracts attention at the first glance.

Sure thing that all marketplaces have a lot of functionality in common and the Gabor team understood that. For that reason, they started to build the delivery system across the whole US. And also they wanted to give the opportunity for their clients to pay at the marketplace at once and without redirecting to other sites or payment systems.


We had requirements both in design and development. For this reason, our top designer has taken the best UI practices that are used in the US and Europe to meet all client’s needs. Interesting and attractive style along with smooth functionality provides the best UX possible. In addition, to strengthen the overall effect, our designer has taken into account all the marketing trick that would do the work of Sales department even more better, and would help to attract attention of clients,  show them product, and make buy everyone who visits the platform. So any client could buy anything in just three clicks.



The task was clear, so we started the work. At the very beginning, we had three challenges. The first one was for the designer, because he had to understand what emotions and desires move a person to make a purchase and receive a nice impression. Other challenges were for developers. Our dev team had to create a functionality that allows a user to buy, order delivery and pay for the goods in one place.

In this case, we have decided to split all the development processes into several sprints and engage several manual and automation QA engineers. That would guarantee the best quality together with top UX.


For all the tasks, we have used several technologies. To meet the requirements in the design along with the deadline, we used Bootstrap to fasten the development process. For creating the platform itself, our team decided to use WooCommerce along with WordPress, because it is easy to handle and manage. Also, we needed a database to store the info, so MySQL became a good decision.


In the end of our work, we developed a cool, attracting and powerful marketplace, but the main thing that we managed to meet all the requirements of Gabor and made them satisfied. The marketplace works pretty good with all the those feature like delivery service and fast payment system as well. Regarding delivery service. Gabor has concluded several contracts with UPS, Amazon, and FedEx to provide the fastest delivery across the US.

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Rivo showed themselves as real professionals and a very responsible team. They met all the deadlines and what truly surprised us, they did every single detail according to our requirements. Our company is demanding in request, but the Rivo team managed to handle everything.

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