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The unique and exciting platform that deals with ecological and natural cloth manufacture to support our environment and the people of Nepal.


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Karma Gear


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Emma Jacklie




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Story behind

Story behind

In the beginning, Karma Gear was a small business inspired by the will to help people in Nepal and at the same time create a cloth that won’t damage the environment. The business has started rather well and Emma – the business owner, decided to share the value with the entire world, so she decided to create an online store where everyone could come and buy products and at the same time help poor people from Nepal.

User Story

After the trip to Nepal, Emma has seen how poor people live there. She wanted to help and at the same time, she found the style of the locals pretty interesting and practical, whereas all the materials were natural and didn’t damage the environment. Emma is an eco-activist, so the idea of natural clothes with a unique style pushed her to open a small local business at home in the UK. The sales started to grow, and she turned to us to create an online store for her. That’s how our cooperation has commenced.


The main idea of the online store was simplicity. Emma wanted to have a totally simple but working online store. She explained everything should look easy and at the same time be effective and highly functional. All that was also connected with Nepal, because people there are simple, and friendly, and get everything they need with simple means. So we needed to create an ascetic but cute and understandable design. To fulfill that task, our designer had to learn more about the products that Emma sells and the culture of Nepal, and, as the result, we received interesting, simple designs without unnecessary details. Moreover, Emma wanted to give her clients the opportunity to buy things directly from Nepal, and get the delivery at any place in the world. In addition, any customer that has visited Nepal could buy cloth right there, because Karma Gear provides the map with the locations of all masters. So one could buy things from Karma Gear with a huge discount.

Karma Gear


Due to the fact that we have had some similar projects like that, our team already knew how to deal with them. The designer did his best to deliver the top UI and get a rather good UX, despite the ascetic design asked by the client. Our dev team has divided the work into six sprints to get things done on time. 

As far as we needed an online store, we decided to use WordPress because it provided the necessary set of tools, easiness, and flexibility that are crucial for any online store. 

For sure, we used more technologies, because some features could be realized just with jQuery and vanilla JS

To keep all the data safe and structured, our dev team decided to use MySQL


In the end, our team has created a powerful, but ascetic-to-look online store that reflected the main idea of the business owner – simple and eco style. With our tech stack, we managed to meet all the requirements and did everything on time. Moreover, with a new online store, Emma has drowned attention to her business and ecological problems, but more importantly to the poor people of Nepal.

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Karma Gear

The Rivo team did a really great job. They created something that has reflected my vision, the tool that could solve the ecologic problem at some range and help those people who really needed it. I have received a beautiful, fast, and dynamic online store, understandable for everyone. Everything was done as I wanted, and that helped me to get new customers, grow business and draw attention to the problems I want to solve.

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