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Medical system

The medical system for the clinic in the US, created to optimize its work and services with our healthcare development services.

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Story behind

The medical clinic that specializes in men’s health problems was working as any other clinic in the USA and turned out that such an approach is ineffective and brings more damage than usefulness. So our client started to think about the creation of a unique system that might optimize the work of his clinic.

User Story

Our client was a doctor who opened a clinic with one aim – to help men with their health problems. The specialization of this clinic was the treatment of erectile dysfunction and hair loss – the common health problems for an average man. Also, they were selling drugs to treat those illnesses. All in all, at some point the owner of the clinic noticed that there is too much work for staff and the processes were hardly optimized and hard to control. Moreover, most men feel uncomfortable while treatment because they needed to specify the info, and, as a rule, such patients try to keep such things secret. On that note, the owner of the clinic decided to develop a CRM system using healthcare development services that would allow to manage the staff, keep everything in order, and provide information along with services to the clients. That customer has found us in Clutch and has figured out that we have the relevant skills and experience to create the product he wants, after discussing several details we started the cooperation.


The customer wanted a functional but simple-to-understand CRM system, so our designers had to create a minimalistic design that would reflect the functionality as clearly as possible. To complete this task our designers used up-to-date trends in design and the best UI/UX practices to make everything smooth and intuitive for comprehension. In that way, we tried to give the best usability and accessibility for the medical staff and patients. Moreover, our designers put meaning into the colors they used: grey is a grey life of a man with health problems, and blue denotes men because it is considered to be a masculine color. 

As a result, our healthcare development services delivered a stylish, clear, and minimalistic design where everyone can work easily from the first minute.

Tech stack

To develop such a complex and powerful tool we used various technologies to make everything properly, nice, and stick to the deadlines and show our healthcare development services in the best light.

In order to create a robust front end we have used ReactJS plus Redux and Webpack to make everything organized, fast and stable. To make it even better, we have taken Material UI in combination with our design and created a customizable front end. Since diagrams and charts are essential components of any CRM, our team equipped itself with Chart.js to produce these crucial components.

We performed both unit tests and functional tests in order to create a consistent development approach free from conflicts. Moreover, our engineers used REST API to facilitate communication between systems.

Our engineers in healthcare development services put a lot of work into making the back end accurate and seamless. Laravel was used for all work because of its capability and support. It constantly refreshes and keeps the project up-to-date. Sure thing, we needed a place where we could store the data, so we used MySQL for this purpose.



The process of development was pretty hard because our client wanted a difficult product by its nature but easy looking and navigate at the same time. All in all, our customer wanted such features:

  • Dashboard with short information in graphs and reports
  • The database of users
  • The database of doctors
  • The database with all customers
  • Information with all online visits
  • Different subscriptions options
  • Payments
  • Customers’ orders
  • Internal chat
  • List of products
  • Templates for easy creation of new working areas

The Project manager with the team of developers and a couple of QA engineers took the effort to create and test every single detail and function to make it perfect for the end user. They have tried to provide a great product and make everything according to the set deadlines and, as expected, they succeed.  In that way, the healthcare development services were at the highest level.


As expected, our customer received a powerful and robust CRM system with all functionality desired that has optimized the work of the whole clinic. The staff started to work more effectively, and patients have received the possibility to be absolutely anonymous to others except for the clinic staff. When the new CRM system and possibilities were introduced that boosted the work and income in the first two weeks and that helped the business to grow rapidly. Our healthcare development services have justified themselves.

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