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ODEX is a clothing subscription service that delivers boxes with 3 hand-selected items based on your style preferences. They wanted to digitalize their business and make it more effective at the same time. All of that was pursuing the aim to make the life of their customer much easier and the shopping much more pleasant.

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ODEX is a clothing subscription service that delivers boxes with 3 hand-selected items based on your style preferences. They came to ask us to turn their idea into a fully functional and scalable website emphasizing the easier, time-efficient shopping and personal approach to every customer as a benefit of using their services.

User Story

Since we weren’t the first web development company they addressed for creating a website, the ODEX team came up with a poorly performing website that reflected on bad new customer acquisition. The main problems that the brand faced were:

  • Inconvenient interface 
  • Difficulties in communication with clients
  • Lack of new clients
  • Problems with design 

In order to improve the user experience, we chose minimalism: just 3 sections providing full information, easier registration, and order collection due to the reduced number of questions, which we rephrased to better identify the client’s style preferences and parameters. The constantly increasing number of ODEX’s clients, which are easily tracked through the tool we built in, shows that we have applied proper technologies and designed a user-friendly interface to resolve the issue.


Our client wanted to stand out from his competitors and make a modern website with flawless UI and UX. So our goal was to create a unique design concept able to emphasize the exclusivity of the client’s business segment.

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Our team understood the task and started to work. We had several requirements to to, and needed the expertise of different specialists. To be more clear, we worked on:

  • Development of the idea and strategy 
  • Analysis of the niche and competitors
  • Creating prototype scripts
  • Development of the content that will sell
  • Developing of a strong design concept that will attract the attention of users
  • Also, we have tested the quality of the project functionality

We found ourselves tightened by the client’s limited budget and short timeframes, so we took WordPress as a base for the project because with it the site could effortlessly cope with a large traffic of customers and an integrated payment system. When we analyzed the business niche and see competitors in the world, we create solutions for our clients, where users can without problems see all products, and payments, and evaluate the branded design. 

Our team of developers used some more technologies to implement all the features. For example, to implement all the key features of the design our devs have taken Vue.js, but some things were created with the help of vanilla JavaScript and jQuery. Also, at the back-end PHP was rather useful. And sure thing, we used MySQL to gather and keep data safe.


As a result, our client received creative solutions for his business.  We helped our client:

  • to build a recognized brand style
  • to create a high–speed website that covers new customers
  • to develop a user-friendly interface
  • to create a unique design that sets it apart from the competition.

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The Rivo team managed to create a literary new brand for us. With such a great UI, design, and features, we received just top UX and received new customers. Our business becomes more and more popular and successful because Rivo did their work well. Great job!

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