A legal service with the aim to unite the notaries from different parts of the USA and deliver the best notary service by professionals.


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Story behind

Story behind

The story deals with a professional notary, Richard. Because of his popularity as a specialist, he has gained a lot of new clients and because of the overload, he couldn’t manage to help every one of them. He didn’t want to get new employees and grow the office but wanted to bring everything in order, so he decided to create a webpage where he could unite other specialists and make the work much faster.

User Story

Richard is a successful notary and because of his professionalism he started to get more and more clients, but the main thing was that 80% of them had simple tasks to fulfill and wanted to receive a result without going to a notary at all. Richard understood how it works and decided to create a notary service that could fulfill small and big cases faster and without wasting time. So the main idea is that the notary could receive the case and documents through the website, complete the task and send all the necessary to the customer. Moreover, any customer could book a meeting online and decide all things without going out and wasting extra time. To make everything even more successful, Richard wanted to engage other notaries and unite them together to make the service faster and provide higher quality.


In terms of design, our client had several requirements to meet. Foremost, he had his own logo, so we had to integrate it into the website. Richard didn’t want something complex, he wanted to receive a website that would be easy for customers to use. It should be good-looking, contain all the necessary info, and easy to understand what one has to do there. For that reason, our designer created several pictures of his own and highlighted with red the buttons that would draw the attention of a user and remove the necessity to search for a necessary button. In that way, we created a smooth, easy, and at the same time pleasant to the eye design.



Regarding development, everything was pretty easy to handle. As far as the design was pretty easy, our devs did everything fast and well. But the project wasn’t as easy as it looks at first. Our dev team had to create two main things: the webpage and the signature service for customers. To fulfill the first task, we used WordPress and empowered some features with jQuery and Vue.js

The creation of the signature service was a much more complex task in comparison with the first one. But our company has developers who have such experience in the disposal, so we managed to complete the task. To develop this service, we used Laravel along with PHP. Also, we have chosen MySQL as a database in order to provide notifications about users and signatures we used WebSocket.


When everything was done, Richard received a good digital solution that met all his needs. He has gotten a smooth, interesting, and good-looking webpage along with the signature service to make work with customers faster and much more effective. 

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I’m totally satisfied with the digital solution the Rivo team provided to me. I received the product that helped me to stand out among other notaries. Now I can unite other specialists in my service, meet the needs of my customers and do my job faster, better, and with higher quality.

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