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Saltmine is a very specific company from Ukraine, which builds professional salt rooms. As you probably understood, this business is extremely specific, so we did our best to create a unique brand story.

Julia Babak
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Story behind

We love working with interesting businesses. And despite the extensive international experience, we want to improve Ukrainian business as well. Especially the companies with big international ambitions. We love challenging tasks, and we used our experience to digitize this business. As a result, our client received a unique brand story, key features, and design of this website. Such kind of business requires permanent technical support and professional content marketing including search engine optimization, that’s why we have been cooperating with Saltmine for many years.

User Story

The client needed to create a website that boosted the brand as much as possible showed all the specifics and features of the business, and would be visually attractive to customers and partners. This business is big, so it needed the development of a solution that would have a high quality for the Ukrainian market as well as the international one. It was important for the company to create a website that would show the mission that Saltmine wanted to deliver in the field of health, and at the same time could demonstrate its uniqueness.


Our designer took light colors as a basis. He visually recreated the look of the salt rooms, using the contrast of light colors to make it vogue and stylish. And as we planned, our client’s product looks very impressive now. Potential customers and partners can see the salt rooms full of 360 degrees tours in more detail. Our website design delivers an aesthetic pleasure to everyone who visits it.


A team of talented developers, designers, and a project manager worked on this project. Our project manager constantly maintained communication with the client and made everything according to the needs and wishes of the client. We gradually developed the strategy and concept of the project, tasted various design solutions, and managed to create a decent website.
Regarding development, our team of developers used several technologies to complete the task. As far as, the website requires constant support and flexibility, we used WordPress along with PHP. To make all the features smooth and nice, our devs have decided to use jQuery and sometimes vanilla JS, and, as you can see, the result is successful.


As a result, our client received a new marketing tool that helps to work and attract new clients and partners around the world. Moreover, it displays the mission and value that Saltmine wanted to deliver.

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We've found it quite impressive how Rivo's design ideas suited our needs from the very beginning.

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