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The development of a decent product is a serious matter. It requires great skills, quality, responsibility, and deep knowledge of the tools and technologies you're gonna use. That also means the customer should also have at least a slight image of the tech stack that developers will use or have to use in order to make the project properly and successful. Such an image in the head of customers allows understanding of what technologies will be a perfect fit for their project and what obstacles can be met during the development. For that reason, we would like to you about of our favorite technologies – Laravel.

What is Laravel?

Laravel is an open-source, PHP framework developed by Taylor Otwell in 2011. It was created in order to boost the work of back-end engineers and add some crucial functionality like user authentication and authorization and so on that couldn’t be found in other frameworks those days. With additional functionality and options, the headaches and time of development were reduced and that of course brought better and faster results.
Now, Laravel is one of the three most popular PHP frameworks, including Symfony and Yii, and became one of the most powerful tools for back-end developers.

All technologies have their advantages, but Laravel is considered to be the best among them. Look at the graph below to get persuaded.

Its popularity is confirmed even by the fact that Laravel is used by huge global companies. Such as:


With over 150 million users active on this social media platform, 9GAG has impressive loading speed and website performance thanks to Laravel.


It looks like the BBC is leaning towards using Laravel for website development. All of their websites and media feeds use Laravel as the main tool for developing their digital products.


As one of the leading pharmaceutical companies, Pfizer is committed to providing the reliable system needed to keep its applications running smoothly. An in-depth study of their application revealed the fact that they are also applying Laravel as one of their primary tools for running and operating the AWS platform.

Main benefits of using Laravel for business

Laravel has a number of advantages that make it more and more attractive for businesses among other frameworks. Let’s consider some of them.

  • Great security

As far as cyberattacks became wild these days, strong security is a must-have these days. In this regard, Laravel provides the best features in the market and provides protection for apps of any size. Laravel inhibits security threats, prevents breaches, and rejects malware activities. So, be sure, that when you use Laravel for your project, you’ll keep your data safe.

  • Performance

Great UI/UX are crucial points these days. Because the better UX, the better conversion your website or app will receive. In this case, Laravel provides a number of built-in tools, features, and plugins that allow you to create various solutions to provide a better performance and create a way better UI.

  • MVC pattern

This pattern of architecture allows providing transparency between the back-end and front-end. When your developers will have such transparency, they will be able to see the performance and overall needs of a project and make more effective and thoughtful changes to make everything better.

  • Unit tests

Despite want, you or not, you’ll have to write unit tests to ensure that your code does exactly what it was created to. In this regard, Laravel provides opportunities for good and effective unit testing to see all the gaps and bugs and apply the necessary changes before your code will go to production.

  • Faster market delivery

Because of a wide range of functionality, features, and libraries, Laravel allows the development of your project much faster. Developers don’t have to invent the wheel, they can use the ready-provided functionality. That means that the faster the development time, the faster your product’s market delivery will be. And as a result, you can get your benefits much faster, too.

  • Authentication

Laravel has a number of tools and resources at its disposal to provide a smooth and fast development of authentication. Also, it has the possibility to integrate frameworks into Laravel and create good authentication using easy commands.

Advantages of Laravel over other frameworks

  • Development speed

Today, every business is looking for the fastest way to introduce new technologies in order to stay afloat and successfully compete in the IT market. Using Laravel will greatly speed up the production process and bring your ideas to life in no time.

  • Friendly code

When working with Laravel, programmers try to create code that is understandable to other programmers. Therefore, do not worry if you change the company – the contractor or your full-time programmer will change. New specialists will understand the code and solve the necessary tasks.

  • Security

If the database is created on the basis of Laravel, then it is almost impossible to get unauthorized access to it. Your site will be reliably protected from various attacks.

  • Regular updates and support

The source code of the framework is constantly updated to meet the requirements of programmers and PHP updates. Recent releases address previously discovered issues, making development with Laravel even easier.

  •  Excellent Traffic Management

Load balancing is one of the toughest challenges. As the popularity of a business grows, the volume of traffic for a particular site increases.

Sometimes the total load exceeds the allocated bandwidth and therefore the website inevitably crashes. This is not only difficult to maintain, but also creates additional problems. While such flexibility and solutions are difficult for most developers, those who use Laravel can apply a queuing system for load balancing, which eliminates the possibility of system crashes.

  • Large and friendly community

Many frameworks tend to have a large community, and Laravel is no exception. The Laravel developers are friendly and respectful of their product community. Therefore, if you decide to use Laravel in your project, then you do not have to worry. Even when you change the team or company with which you work on outsourcing, you will be able to find people who can make any changes and provide a proper job. There are a lot of talented guys who love and know Laravel around the world. Therefore, you will always have support and developers to hire.

What Laravel is best for?

This framework is flexible enough to solve non-standard tasks, and has extensive functionality for building a good architecture, RESTful routing, and caching. Laravel was the first to use the PSR-4 standard, which makes it possible to structure a site in accordance with its own logic and site development goals. The pluses also include a proprietary engine for Blade. Also, we can say with confidence that Laravel is perfect:

  1. To create personal projects;
  2. For corporate resources;
  3. To develop startups.

Also, experts recommend choosing Laravel in cases where there are increased requirements for interactivity and user-friendliness of interfaces.

How much should I pay?

Speaking of the geographic nuances of IT companies’ work, it is no secret that the lowest prices of development you can find in India and in Eastern Europe, namely in Ukraine.

Although it is economically more beneficial in Ukraine because development here is cheaper than in Western Europe or the US. Furthermore, the quality of work is not lower than that of its colleagues from other richer countries. In Ukraine now the development of the IT industry is welcomed at the political level, therefore all conditions are created for IT specialists to live and develop in Ukraine and not emigrate abroad.

Simply put, There are a number of factors that contribute to the final price of Laravel website design and development. Factors such as developers’ experience level, designer experience, the number of hours your Laravel website development project requires, and of course the kind of your request.

Therefore, approximately in an hour, you can count on the following rates from Laravel developers (middle-level developers):

  • In Ukraine – $30-35/ per hour
  • In Western Europe – $70-80/per hour
  • In the USA – $100/per hour

Some customers were reluctant to contact Ukrainian companies because of communication problems because they thought that Ukrainian developers did not teach and did not know English. But now we can say with confidence that the trend has positive changes and already the majority of developers in Ukrainian IT know English and are fluent in it.

Therefore, RIVO AGENCY, as a Laravel development company in Ukraine, will be happy to talk to you and help you technically transform your business.

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