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Innovative managing system that helps to optimize, digitalizes, and brings a regular clinic to a new level.

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Google Cloud
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AWS Amplify
Valentina Shevchenko
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The medical sphere is pretty conservative itself, but sometimes it happens to be inefficient, slow, and irritating. Especially when the stuff has to work with papers and other old school things. The owner of MEDA Rick, decided to turn everything upside down and build his own order using a custom CRM. He had heard about us from his friend and our old customer, and that’s how we connected.


User Story

MEDA was existing for several years, but the concurrence in the medical field is a huge thing and without something special the one cannot succeed. Moreover, because of a ton of paper work and bad tracking, doctors and patients always become irritated and stressful. Just recall those lines to a single doctor. That’s terrible! Rick understood that in time and decided to build something that would help both employees and patients.



The first thing the client asked us was to apply KISS. So the concept was to create a simple CRM system that could be clear for everyone who uses it. In general, all we needed was to provide the info on the different departments, their patients with statuses and overall stats. One of the requirements was the theme. Rick wanted to have a light theme and reflect with colors the sphere he worked in. For that reason, our designer created a mix of sterile white and minty colors that, along with a brand-new logo, displayed the sense the client wanted to put in.




We could tell how we struggled so hard to fulfill the project, but we tell the truth. The CRM for MEDA was not so difficult to develop because it doesn’t have so much functionality. What we needed to do is to provide all the info and stats for each department and every patient of MEDA. In addition, all patients should have the opportunity to call any doctor for a consultation or to set the visit ONLINE. Moreover, the CRM had to maintain all the papers and stories of illnesses for the staff. And sure thing, we had to create a dashboard, especially for Rick who likes to track the progress.

To complete the task, we used several technologies. To create a decent UI with great UX, we used React.JS along with Redux. As far as charts, diagrams, and charts were important elements, we applied the usage of Chart.js and took WebPack to gather everything together.

For the back-end, we decided to use Laravel because of its great support and new releases that help to keep the system updated. Along with it, we used Websocket to provide the info on the new users. In order to keep all the data safe and protected, our team of developers decided to use Google Cloud and AWS.


A new CRM has helped to simplify all the processes inside the clinic. No more tiring paperwork, no lines. Everything is digitalized and more efficient.  As far as,  CRM that is intuitively simple to understand, even if you use it for the first time, it helped MEDA to attract new clients due to benefits in comparison with its rivals.


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To be honest, at the very beginning I had just the vision, but I didn’t have a clue how to realize it. But RIVO team lead me through all stages and explained everything in the slightest detail. I have fallen in love with the design because they created something that makes my business more comfortable for both stuff and customers, and at the same time it was intuitively clear and easy to understand. I truly got that RIVO works great and eager to provide the high quality

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