Vue.js vs React. What to choose for your business project

With the growth of Vue.js it has transferred itself from a black horse of front-end development to one of the most powerful frameworks in the market. So today it stands in one line with ReactJS. For that reason, many customers consider what to choose. That's why we have decided to compare them here.

What is Vue.js

Vue is a web framework for developing user interfaces with the JavaScript programming language. Vue is built for mostly a gradual integration into an existing application. It solves various tasks of the presentation layer (view), simplifies the work with other libraries, and allows you to create complex single-page applications (SPA). Vue.js was created by former Google engineer Evan You, who previously worked with Angular.js. So, having such a rich background and deep experience, he decided to create his own framework that would compensate for the cons of other front-end frameworks.

In fact, his plans were to take all the best from Angular and create a new, more lightweight framework. And we can say that he did it in Vue.js. This is the youngest framework, but it is already confidently gaining popularity.

vue vs react

It is clear that in comparison with React, its popularity is less, but it also has a number of advantages that in some cases Vue copes better than React.

On this graph in Google Trends, we can see that React is indeed the leader in popularity, but Vue.js also has its place among clients’ requests.

And we think that the demand for this framework will continue to grow.


Our advice for selecting a framework for your project

Choosing the right framework for your project is not always about trends. You have to understand the specifics of your project and pick up a technology that will close most of your tech needs.
If you have no clue about it, the best decision you can take is to consult with professionals like us. We will provide a full analysis and give you the best options to meet your expectations.

When you can choose React

Choose React if you need:

  • Smart, fast, and high-performance applications
  • Fast and truly productive development
  • Early possible release of the product to the market
  • Possibility to scale your project with time
  • Stability in components
  • High flexibility and performance 

Due to the strong support, and popularity of this library it will be possible to develop your project with high quality. React is at the peak of its popularity, so its creators are eager to update and make this technology better and better.  That gives huge possibilities for scaling, developing, and realizing all your ideas.

When you can choose Vue.js

Choose Vue.js if you need:

  • Lightweight and powerful SPA
  • Simplicity
  • Simple integration
  • Great unit testing
  • Custom adoption
  • Two-way binding

Vue is a perfect framework if your project is small but has to be powerful. This framework provides a wide variety of tools that make development fast, qualitative, and with a high-performance rate. Also, if you need to change something in a project, Vue.js will be a treasure for you because of its easy integration.


Choosing Vue or React totally depends on the project you want to create and its peculiarities.
All in all, before selecting a framework, you have to consider the pros and cons of each technology. With the knowledge we gave to you, it is possible to understand basically what you need to select. But still, if you are not a tech specialist or know little about that, you’d better turn to an IT company like RIVO AGENCY. There you will get all the answers to the questions you might have.

As a development company, we have expertise in both Vue and  React. You can get acquainted with our experience on pages “Vue.js Development”  and “ReactJS development”.

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