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Laravel Best Practices

Laravel is by far the youngest and most actively developing framework. Laravel is familiar to many PHP developers because it allows you to write clean, easy-to-debug code that works It supports many features that are sometimes not even documented or have been removed for various reasons.

What makes codes good or bad?

Well, since PHP is an OOP language, we have to follow an OOP principle like the SOLID principle and consider using an OOP mechanism like inheritance, abstract, etc. Also, Laravel has a large community that sometimes creates some conventions … This way, other Laravel developers who also follow the convention can easily understand our codes better and faster.

You need to make sure your codes are in good style. This means our codes must be scalable, maintainable, and testable.

In this article, we’ll walk you through 5 best practices in Laravel based on OOP and some of the Laravel community conventions

  • Comply with coding standards

Laravel also follows internal code development standards, so you can be sure that your variables will be composer-compatible.

Laravel retains no restrictions on enforcing coding standards. But experts advise you to adhere to the PSR-2 and PSR-4 coding standards for your project.

PSR-2 has a single style guide for PHP code that results in consistent formatting of common code. PSR-4 describes the specification for automatic loading of classes from file paths. It is fully compatible, can be used for any other auto-download specification, and describes where to place the auto-download files as per the specification.

You can also use tools like GrumPHP to improve Laravel’s coding standards.

  • Use plugins wisely

Instead of using multiple plugins and services in your Laravel web solution, you can simply disable unwanted plugins that are not required for your project with the help of the developer. This step will not interfere with the rest of the functions that are already working on the site.

  • Using Eloquent ORM

Eloquent ORM is one of the best features of the Laravel website and is used to retrieve data from a single request and display it to the end user. When using Laravel, you have to take care of your model’s naming convention.

By providing the following process, you will be able to ensure that your promoted web solution does not run into any issues with eloquent.

  • Naming conventions

Custom classes in Laravel require a different naming convention. Developers shouldn’t take it easy every time they follow this naming convention for custom classes and functions with models, but being careful will greatly help in creating flawless code.

Here, storing users as the model name will work for the table named users. Having the right practices at hand would really help Laravel Web Development keep pace.

  • Check and optimize loading times

If your page load speed increases from a second to 3 seconds, then the bounce rate is likely to rise to 32%, which means you need to increase your website’s page load speed. Because page load time is directly related to the performance of your website and affects the user experience and user experience.

Therefore, if your site’s page load speed exceeds 3 seconds, it will negatively impact your site’s performance. It is better to optimize your site in terms of page load and offer users a convenience that will also increase traffic to your site.




Is Laravel Still Actual in 2022?

Web applications developed using Laravel have relatively better performance than their competitors. Laravel’s cache systems are a big reason. The file caching driver stores various cached items in the file system, allowing you to quickly develop web applications.

In today’s tough marketplace, both development speed and performance are very important.

Therefore, it is very important to shorten the time to market for your product. Speed does not affect quality. Speed in a competitive market must go hand in hand with quality.

However, lead times should be a testament to the viability of the product and, most importantly, ensure a good user experience.

Now, with all these factors in mind, Laravel web development provides a very simple validation process for web app consumers.

How cool is it to have an authentication process with more performance and less complexity?

This is exactly what Laravel offers with its awesome configuration.

With all these points and benefits in mind, we can make a promising statement that the future of Laravel is bright and new features and capabilities will emerge in the community over time.

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